TLC designs, develops, manufactures and sells advanced semiconductor wafers, MMIC integrated circuits, modules and related products. TLC has 3 product centers (wafers, MMIC chips, modules) that individually provide products to our customers.

TLC specializes in Innovative (20 to 100 GHz) MMW MMIC:

Oscillators (VCO, DRO, ILO, PLO)
Phase Modulators (QPSK & Infinite Bit Linear Phase Shifters)
Multipliers (2x through 8x)
Transceivers & Antennas (20-100 GHz)

...with packaging and research and development capabilities upon request. These key products and services are complemented with a series of amplifiers, mixers, switches, antennas and optical devices. TLC's objective is to provide MMW products and support that
contribute to our MMW customers.

For special projects, TLC synergizes the 3 centers to vertically integrate their advanced epi-wafer growth through MMW MMIC design and fabrication and MMW subassembly.

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