TLC can custom design MBE and MMIC products to customer specifications.

MBE Standard Products
MMIC and Module Standard Products
Custom Product Development Flow

MBE Standard Products
A list of TLC standard MBE wafers is provided in this section.

Custom variations on wafer services are also available to cover unique applications
and research projects.

TLC provides high performance wafers with a high mobility, wide doping range, low defect density and high uniformity. These wafers are manufactured under tight quality control,
which generates repeatable high performance production wafers.

Two types of wafer material are offered. Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) and Indium
Phosphide (InP) with either lattice-matched or lattice-engineered construction.

A wide variety of FET epi structures are offered to cover virtually any application up to millimeter-wave frequencies. FET structures include MESFET, JFET, MISFET,

Wafers can be produced in 2, 3, 4, or 6-inch diameter.

MMIC Standard Products:
This section lists a summary sample of TLC's standard MMIC products. TLC also products custom circuits upon request.

TLC uses the latest CAD to simulate circuit performance with linear as well as nonlinear tools. In addition to internal fabrication, TLC also works with several foundries to match the MMIC performance requirements to the particular FET models. This internal and external flexibility benefits the user in terms of both performance and cost.
TLC MMIC Designs and Fab (Up to 100+ GHz)

Amplifiers (general purpose, high power and low noise)
Mixers (down converters, up converters, balance, image reject, etc.)
Oscillators (stable local, voltage controlled, DRO's and injection locked)
Phase Shifters (QPSK, BPSK, continuous linear phase modulators/shifters)
Passive Components (couplers, antennas, attenuators)

Module Standard Products (X-Band to W-Band)
This section lists TLC standard module products and custom module capabilities. For customers that do not manufacture modules and need modules at MMW frequencies, TLC readily provides standard and custom high performance module products, prototypes and production.

Such modules include:
• Mini-Modules (amps, mixers, phase modulators, VCOs, etc.)
Multi-Channel Modules
Multi-Function Single Modules (mixers, VCOs, multipliers)
Antenna Integrated Modules

Custom Product Development Flow:
Customer Describes Needs to TLC
TLC/Customer Confirm Specification
Negotiate and Refine SOW
TLC Proposal to Customer
Customer/TLC Agreement
CAD Design
Tailored Epi-Wafer Growth
MMIC Fabrication
General MMIC Testing Scribe and Break
MMIC Testing up to 110 GHz
Module Design
Module Delivery

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