TLC has obtained contracts to establish higher power circuit technologies to provide power amplifiers to the market. TLC will continue to search for acquisition and transfer opportunities that will propel technology and gain competitive advantages in millimeter-wave MMICs and modules for our telecommunications and automotive radar customers.

Current capabilities that support high volume production:

TLC has commercial production operations for epi wafers, MMW MMICs and advanced module assembly that does not compete with our customers.

• A state-of-the-art certified cleanroom for sub-quarter micron MMIC fabrication.
• Equipment for fabricating sub quarter micron T-gate features on circuits.
• Computer aided design (CAD) software & systems for high-performance
  circuit modeling,
  simulation & design.
• Automatic wafer probe and MMIC circuit test stations.
• Unique multi-chip module manufacturing epoxy, wiring, curing & testing equipment line.
• A customer specification/certification program.
• Six-inch wafer MBE equipment.

The Company maintains a quality control process for its products that has met or exceeds military qualification standard 45208 and NASA control standards. In addition, TLC is a qualified supplier to several major military and commercial primes. Circuit and module design with four types of production lines produce the research and development, innovative products and components, and future state of the art products planned by TLC:

• Epitaxial Wafers
• Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Circuit Design
• MMIC Fabrication Line
• Packaged MMICs (SMT)
• Module Assembly

Measurement Service Capabilities:
TLC has the capability to test both MMIC circuits and modules up to 110 GHz.

• Scattering Parameters Noise Figure
• "Center" Frequency
• Load Pull
• Small Signal Gain
• Conversion Loss (Or Gain)
• Saturated Power Output
• Temperature (100 C to -60 C) vs. Performance

• Third Order Intercept

• Phase Noise
• Load Push
• Large Signal Gain

• Power Added Efficiency
• Frequency vs. Voltage
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