What is TLC Precision Wafer Technology?

Telecommunication Low Phase Noise Components at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies
TLC is a rapidly growing high technology company that develops, manufactures and
tests high quality, III-V materials and Millimeter-Wave Monolithic Integrated Circuits
(MMICs 9 GHz to 100 GHz) products for both commercial and government applications.

Our Company History - "The Making of Our Successful Company" Organized in 1991, TLC was founded as a private, independent spin-off of Honeywell Corporation. TLC was established by
Dr. Timothy T. Childs
to advance semiconductor technology through the use of Gallium Arsenide
and Indium Phosphide, instead of silicon. TLC started initially with one epitaxial-wafer reactor
and one employee.

From 1991 to 1999, multiple teams worked with and transferred, from Honeywell Corp.
and Lockheed Martin,
a series of millimeter-wave technology capabilities and equipment.

This includes advanced epi-wafer structures, circuit design, MMIC fab, and assembly technologies
and the manufacturing equipment to TLC. TLC participated in the DoD Mentor-Protégé program with Lockheed-Martin and is registered as an 8a company.
TLC also successfully participates in the U.S. Government SBIR and STTR Programs (alliances are considered). Through these types of government and commercial research and development contracts, TLC has produced and patented a series of innovative epi-wafers, a family of millimeter MMIC chips, modules and special radar transceiver products and processes for commercial and military telecommunication, radar and automotive markets.ve
technology for military and commercial applications worldwide.

1991 Spin-off from Honeywell, Inc. of MBE epi-wafer Tech. Trans.
(Honeywell R&D investment of $50M over 15 years)
Start-Up Stage
1994 Lockheed Martin MMIC Chip Design Technology Transfer
(R&D investment of $100M over previous 15 years.)
  • Also trained TLC in Government Contracts, accounting management
  • Allowed TLC to use their marketing, contracts and personnel
  • Develop Future Products/1st Profitable Year
    1997 Built MMIC & Module state of the art clean-room in 11,000sf new facility R&D Stage/Preparing for internal operation
    1998 Lockheed Martin Chip Assembly/Module/Tech. Trans.
    (R&D investment of $100M over previous 12 years.)
    Also trained TLC personnel in quality production operation and qualified TLC as a supplier for Lockheed Martin
    R&D Stage/Multi-Chip Assembly IP
    1999 Honeywell T-Gate MMIC Fabrication Technology Transfer & License
  • Also equipment transferred & fabricated TLC chips at Honeywell
  • Performed subcontracting & market support for TLC
  • Initial Vertical Integration
    2000 Honeywell Equity Investment into TLC.
    Also initiated retired executive consulting (TLC operations, finance and production).
    Begin Focus on Manufacturing Technologies
    2003 TLC established production partners, internal operation & contracts
    Expand volume operations
    These products and capabilities readily support small and major military and commercial companies' millimeter-wave radar, communication and electro-optical systems. TLC's objective is to provide its customers with an innovative competitive advantage!

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    Since 1991, TLC has achieved a number of significant milestones.
    • Developed the world's first ultra-low-noise junction field effect transistor at four degrees Kelvin.
    • Developed the world's first MBE GaAs metal insulator semiconductor field effect transistor enhancement-mode circuit.
    • Obtained 12 patents for innovative products and processes.
    • Successfully completed Mentor Protégé Program of the U.S. Department of Defense with Lockheed-Martin.
    • Received technology transfers and equipment from Honeywell Inc. and Lockheed-Martin.
    • World's first continuous linear MMW phase modulator
    • TLC O-Chip, the World's most versatile MMW chip

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    TLC's facility is over 11,0000 square feet, which includes:
    • Over 3000 square feet of certified clean room with multiple MBE machines and a wafer processing equipment operations.
    • MMIC and module simulation room for R&D, production design and low-cost manufacturing equipped with multiple workstations running the latest simulation, design, and layout tools.
    • MMIC and module test anti-static cleanroom equipped with three test stations, including an automated on-wafer computerized probe station with auto temperature range controller. At TLC's multi-module station, several parameters can be tested, including (S) parameters, noise figure, third-order intercept, saturated power output, conversion loss, phase noise, load pull, load push, frequency, and isolation vs. temperature.
    • General office space equipped with PC-based and Macintosh-based computer network. Electronic marketing info, sales, and purchasing proposals are readily available.

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